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July 24th     10:15 am

Nadège Vanhee to head Hermès womenswear.

September 13th     12:20 pm

"the panels of the dress slid open and shit"

I meant to type ‘shut’. Shit happens when you try to re-type a lot of shit. Thanks for reading!

August 29th     4:59 am

Back in the day, I really wanted one of those Vive l’avant-garde! Jeremy Scott t-shirts.

August 7th     5:57 pm

Anonymous: In a follower and I love your tumblr. Great curation. The time you devote to scanning must be tens of hours a week. Simply beautiful.

July 13th     12:07 am

(Source: nocoffeeplease, via mymoma)

April 27th     10:00 am

Rick Owens Turbo Geo Basket x Plastic Bag Rain Covers

April 18th     2:22 pm

Tote, Jil Sander, Spring–Summer 2012

Tote, Jil Sander, Spring–Summer 2012